Chef of the Mind

Have you addressed the Openness Factor??

You want your Conference to:

  • be memorable,
  • have impact,
  • be practical challenging and relevant,

and most importantly “enjoyable”!

Recipe for success:

Laurie KellyDelegates have got to be willing and feel safe to challenge their old mindsets.

They need the yeast added to get them to rise above their present horizons and see the links and opportunities being offered in the Conference Addresses and Workshops for their own business and professional career development.
A good Conference is like a good meal with a great Menu.

Laurie Kelly specializes in the “Kitchen of the Mind”.

Entrée (beginning the Conference)

Using his “Conference Menu”, Laurie can be the “Entrée” and open your Conference with a practical yet highly entertaining presentation, geared to relaxing your delegates quickly, opening them up to the possibilities of what is to come and challenging them to “think outside the square.

Main course (Key note address)

Velg QLD Symposium 2011-114As a “Main Course”, Laurie fascinates his delegates with high-energy workshops suitable for all participants and their partners, which can be offered in sessions that suit your palate, be they 1 hour or up to full days. His ability to open delegates’ minds is legendary and those that have enjoyed his presentations never forget him. Yes, what he has to say is that powerful. And that enjoyable.

Sorbet (Interactive workshops to really get them thinking)

Use him as your “Sorbet” and add a hint of ‘the tang of innovation’ to your Conference. As an after lunch energiser, he can turn that dreaded “graveyard shift” into a high energy, enjoyable session to get your participants back on track and ready to tackle the afternoon with renewed vigour and interest.

Desserts (The after lunch energizer)

VELG 2012-182As a “Dessert” following a Keynote Address, Laurie can assist delegates with the process of learning and transfer implication, from the Content Specialist into the Delegates’ own situations. Laurie is a sugar fix for minds that go the extra mile.

A Drop of Port for the Road

How about a “drop of port for the road”? – Laurie can top off your conference by instilling an enthusiasm for delegates to take their new learning with them and follow through with Action once back in the field.

Laurie is the “Chef of the Mind” – The one who adds the spice of Creativity and Insight.

He is the one who can teach delegates ways to be open to the ideas offered by the other content experts and then to use these ideas..

We can add the “Ingredient for the Mind” which will address the Openness factor to make your next Conference Brilliant.

Your delegates will digest with ease and be nourished by the array!

VELG Nat Conf 2011-177Enthusiasm – Laurie Kelly from ‘Mindworks’ is famous for it. Whether training Trainers, assisting clients in-house with Change Management & Motivation or helping organisations deal with Information Overload and balancing their Work/Life week, Laurie has over 20 years experience and an expertise for the workings of the Mind that few can boast. We call him the “Chef of the Mind” and he is a popular, invigorating and captivating Conference speaker.

His enthusiasm and ability to communicate with everyone in a room is guaranteed to make your next Conference an exciting, fun and overall memorable experience.

Have we tempted you with our Conference Menu?
We’d love to take your order…!